Become a Merchant Seller


Merchant sellers can use our online store as marketplace for their products. This is a good way to minimize the expenses of a merchant sellers or product distributors in several ways including putting up online store, building online reputation, online marketing, online automation, customer support and more. Depending on merchant's choice, you as merchant can choose a setup on how to transact your products to customers. You can deliver your products on COD basis, store pickup, place meetup or courier delivery.  You can sell as many as you want having great opportunities to online selling and being your products sold in many ways.

Variables include:

  • 1. Delivery of the Products (Merchants seller only)
  • 2. Accepting the Payment (Merchants seller (COD) or
  • 3. Customer support (Merchant seller or
  • 4. Posting of Products online ( only)
  • 5. Inventory and pricing update on Hasloo's site ( only)
  • 6. Marketing of products (Merchant seller or
  • 7. Acceptance of Returned items (Merchant or's warehouse)
  • 8. Online presentation of the products ( only)


Why is it important that your products are posted and available for sale on our store? has built its reputation online and its an investment for any business to establish such reputation. Our store has "How to buy" and more instructions on how to transact with us including payment method and more.

Can I require Cash on Delivery transaction?

Yes. Most customers are convenient and have trust on online seller when they are doing COD on basis of transacting. Customers are surely to get the products and see it in actual form before buying.

Can you market my products? store is marketing  its products on continuous manner to gain customers. You can also do the marketing of your own products in method of your preferences.

Do you have a Merchant fee?

NO. Being a merchant is free. You only pay us a commission for every sold items.

How much is Hasloo's commission to be paid by merchant seller?

It depends on the merchant.

What are the requirements to become a merchant?

A merchant should have products physically stocked on their business place or warehouse.

If Cash on Delivery, does merchant issues a receipt?

A merchant can issue a receipt or we can issue it using our own receipt.

What cities or countries are scopes by particular merchant seller?

Merchant sellers will be assigned a particular location where they can sell or shipped their products. Every products can have many merchants by location. For example you are selling an Iphone 5, there will be particular merchant in the US or different merchant for the Philippine customers. It may also happen that a different merchant will be assigned in particular cities. This method enables customers to purchase the products at lower prices without paying for high cost shipping fee due to source location.

Is it possible that there are many merchants seller in a particular country?

We limit merchants for particular products per particular place. It may happen that a merchant will run out of stock so we should have allocated solutions such as having two or three merchants on product per location basis. We will not have too many merchant on this basis thus allowing profitability for merchant side.


Customer support for your products. 

One of the big advantage of being a Hasloo Merchant is the customer support for your products. We can handle the customer's questions from pre-sale up to post-sale reducing your own time entertaining customers.

Alternatively, you can handle it on your own if you prefer to.


Online Marketing and Exposures

Built Reputation

Increase in Sales




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